May 07, 2021

No backyard? No problem! You don’t need acreage to plant a tree, especially with the increasing popularity of planting trees in planters. Trees are a great way to expand your plant collection and add some character to your patio or landscaping. With the proper technique, right kind of tree, and an appropriate container, you can successfully grow a tree just about anywhere!

Select Your Tree

While it may be tempting to just pick any tree that fits your aesthetic, you need to be sure that the tree you select will be able to thrive in a planter. We recommend potting dwarf trees that experience slower, more manageable growth. Also, try trees with a more compact root system that won’t be stifled by being contained within a planter. Some options include, citrus, conifers, fig, Japanese maple, olive, palo verde, privet, southern magnolia, sweet bay, or witch hazel. These options will both survive and thrive in a potted environment, and you can refer to this guide for more information about each one.

Find the Right Home for Your Tree

The lightweight, weather-resistant design of Tusco Products planters allows for effortless mobility of your potted trees, regardless of size. Whether they are indoors or on your patio, there is a Tusco planter to fit any space or aesthetic. When selecting the size of the planter, go with an option that is at least twice the width and depth of the root ball. You may also want to consider a planter with a self-watering feature to prevent root rot and mold by collecting water in a separate chamber where the roots can reach down to take water as needed, rather than soaking in it. Finally, keep durability a priority so your tree has a reliable home for years to come! Backed with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, you can have peace of mind in knowing that the Tusco Planter you choose will be the perfect home for your potted tree.

Get Planting!

Generally, springtime is the best time to plant a tree. However, when you plant your tree ultimately depends on the species of tree and the area you live in. When the time comes to get planting, keep in mind that proper soil is vital to keep your potted tree in good shape. Soil should allow for ample aeration and drainage. Try a soil-based compost that can be found at your local garden center or make your own by using one of these six DIY potting soil recipes.

Before planting, measure the size of the root ball, add 1-2 inches of pea gravel at the bottom of your planter, and add a solid layer of soil to the top of the gravel. Now that you are ready to plant, loosen the roots and cut about 1-2 inches from the root ball at a vertical slant to help spark root growth. When planted, the root ball should be about 2 inches from the top rim of the planter. After planting, follow all care instructions that are specific to the species of tree you plant.


Now that you’ve successfully planted your tree, keep it at it’s best by monitoring growth and pruning roots, yearly. If you want to avoid stunting your tree’s growth with excessive pruning, then try transplanting your tree into a larger container as it grows. Want more? Click here for more Tusco Tips