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How To: Grow Tomatoes in a Container

Planting your own tomatoes is a great way to have easy access to tomatoes whenever you want them. If you don't have a large yard space for a garden, don't worry! You can still plant tomatoes in a container and get delicious, ripe tomatoes. Check out our guide on how to get started!
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10 Low-Maintenance Plants Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

If you lead a busy life, the last thing you want is to watch your newly planted flowers wither because you forgot to water them. Opting for low-maintenance plants is the ideal fix when things get hectic. They bring beauty to your garden without demanding constant attention. Explore our list of hassle-free plants tailored for busy lifestyles.
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Herb Haven: Stylish Planters for your Kitchen Garden

Looking to start your own kitchen garden full of flavorful herbs? Let us help you get started. Learn the basics for how to start thinking about creating a herb garden. Discover stylish planters that you can use to grow all your herbs!
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A Guide to Self-Watering Planters

Ever wish your plants could water themselves? Your wish has been granted... with self-watering planters! Learn how the self-watering feature works and dive into the benefits of letting your planter do the work for you. Find ideal plants for self-watering and learn more about the planters with this awesome feature!
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Why Tusco Products are the Perfect Planter Solution

From growing herbs in your personal backyard garden to planting trees in a large landscaping project, Tusco Products has the planter for you. Learn why Tusco planters are the perfect solution for any and all planter problems. With a wide variety of products to choose from, see what Tusco Products has to offer.
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Harmful Outdoor Plants for Dogs

If you're both a plant parent and a pet parent, chances are you've wondered which plants are considered pet-safe or not. When gardening indoors and outdoors, it's important to be aware of which plants can be harmful to our pets or not and ways we can keep both our plants and our pets safe.
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