September 21, 2023

When planning out your next landscaping project, you need to decide what kind of plants you want to grow. Once you know the plants you’re looking for, you need to find the perfect planters to contain them. You might think any planter can be used for any plant, but there are benefits to picking out a correctly sized planter for the accompanying plant! You can avoid common problems in plant growth by selecting a planter that works with the plant you have chosen.

Planters are most commonly measured by their diameter and volume. Their diameter is measured in inches while the volume is measured in gallons. It’s important to pay attention to the size of the planter. The plants you choose to grow will need planters that can fit them without leaving too much extra room. When you buy your starter plant, you should get a planter that is slightly larger than the plant so it will have room to grow. If the plant grows a lot, you may need to size up and transfer your plant to a larger planter to accommodate their new size.

Larger plants will need a larger planter. If a planter is too small for the plant, the plant’s roots are likely to get crowded. Crowded roots pack the soil in, which creates a wall of force against the water, causing your plant to get dehydrated. Your plant may become wilted with yellow or brown leaves. If you notice your plant is growing slowly, or halting growth entirely, it may be time to upsize your planter.

Smaller plants, on the other hand, will need a smaller planter to hold them. When a planter is too big for the plant, excess water can pool and drown your plant. Excess water cuts off your plant’s roots from oxygen and is a major cause of root rot.

When you pick out a planter, make sure to pick one that is only about 1-2 inches larger in diameter than the plant nursey pot you buy. This will allow the plant to grow until it is time to transplant them to a larger planter. Think about the root system the plant will develop as well. Plants with shallow roots are better suited to planters that are short and wide, on the other hand, plants with deep root systems can use a tall, narrow planter.

You may have to move your plants to different sized planters to find the right fit, but once you get that perfect match, you will have a very happy and healthy plant!

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